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Brown eyes and lungs are filled up with  smoke

We could pack up
And leave all our things behind
No fact, or fiction, or storyline
'Cause I need you more than just for tonight

You're oh oh oh like air
I can't stop my breathing in
I'm weak and you are my medicine
I won't stop till I am under your skin

At five minutes to midnight
You see our name in city lights
We'll make the clock stop
Make your heart drop
And come alive

*Boys like girls - Five minutes to midnight

9.3.09 16:07


Da leuchtet etwas in deinem Gesicht, denn so kalt , so kalt bist du nicht

Denn du lachst, wenn der Regen auf dich fällt.
Wenn der Regen auf dich fällt, dann fühlst du etwas.
Denn du lachst, wenn der Regen auf dich fällt.
Wenn der Regen auf dich fällt, dann fühlst du und lachst.

Etwas in dir bewegt sich.
Wer, was, wo, wie, eigentlich?
Wasser berührt deine Haut
und du fängst an aufzutauen.
Ungewollt, ungewohnt anders.
Seltsam, doch du magst das
Gefühl in deinen Adern
fängt dein Blut zu rasen an
Da leuchtet etwas in deinem Gesicht
denn so Kalt , so kalt bist du nicht.

Wie aus einem Traum gerissen,
der dich viel zu lange fest gehalten hat.
Du schüttelst alles ab
und der Regen macht dich wach.

*Madsen - Wenn der Regen

8.3.09 18:38

But I will run until my feet no longer run no more
And I will kiss until my lips no longer feel no more
And I will love until my heart it aches
And I will love until my heart it breaks
And I will love until there's nothing more to live for

*Amy MacDonald - Run

7.3.09 13:32

See me as I really am,
I have flaws and sometimes I even sin,
so pull me from that pedestal,
I don't belong there.

One thing is clear,
I wear a halo,
I wear a halo when you look at me.
But standing from here, you wouldn't say so
you wouldn't say so, if you were me.
And I, I just wanna love you,
oh oh I, I just wanna love you.

*Haley James Scott - Halo

2.3.09 12:41

This wild electricity
Made static by industry
Like a bird in an aviary
Singing to the sky
Just singing to be free
To be free

*Patrick Wolf - Wind in the wires

27.2.09 14:00

You took my hand, and pulled me through.

I want to give you everything
I'll give you my all because you gave me
You gave me your lips
A gentle kiss

The medicine to cure my pain

Listen to all this glass shatter.
I peirced my ears and made them bleed.
Now sounds so beautiful
Cause you're beautiful.
You're beautiful.

*Eyes set to kill - Beauty through broken glass

[The Script @ Columbia Club]

26.2.09 17:28

I saw you dancing and I couldn't get you off my mind

I was thinking of ways that you would stay and be mine

Now if she does it like this, will you do it like that?
Now if she touches like this, will you touch her right back?
Now if she moves like this, will you move her like that? [Come on]

*Metro Station - Shake it

24.2.09 12:25

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